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Mighty Crusaders: Origin of a Super Team

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Post Mon Aug 20, 2007 4:57 am
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No spoilers, purely a review of how I enjoyed the volume.


I really enjoyed reading these stories, a collection of team-ups from three issues of Fly-Man, and the inaugral issue of Mighty Crusaders. Yes they are silly, and look and feel dated compared to modern storytelling in comics, at least in terms of story content, although the artistic rendering is pleasant enough and quite charming to my eye. The stories are very much of their era which is part of the charm but nonetheless dates the material. The villains aren't the world-threatening despots that seem to dominate modern comics and the plots make some leaps that defy realism, but I expected nothing less. Despite these shortcomings (which aren't really, if you accept the material at face value), I found the collection to be a fun read that captivated me from beginning to end, a read-through which was very quick as I was so enthralled and wanted to read everything in one sitting. The recolouring/restoration is magnificent and really needs to be given acclaim. A really fun and worthwhile package in my mind.

I enjoyed the volume so much that I hope the publisher collects the remaining 6 issues of the Mighty Crusaders, so I and others can read and enjoy the rest of their adventures with the same level of presentation.

It certainly isn't Watchmen, but then according to Moore it could have been one of the sources of characters for that story had things gone differently.[/img]

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