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The Reawakening TAKE II

Unfinished fan fiction. Works in progress.

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Post Fri Oct 14, 2011 4:36 am
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Hello All,

A couple of years ago I started a thread with some of my ideas for a Red Circle relaunch. I kind of let it die but I've been thinking about it for awhile and decided to give it another go. I'm going to present some of the key ideas, then some of my ideas for the actual characters then I will get into the story itself. This story was originally created way back when I was pretty young but I used my original characters. Once I read that Alan Moore had considered using the Red Circle characters for The Watchmen and then had to come up with his own I kind of started thinking what would happen if I did the opposite. I am not a crusaders expert, I have lots of old red circle comics and always enjoyed the characters. I always felt they could support a universe on thier own and these are my ideas on how to establish the universe by introducing new and/or tweaked versions of the classic characters. Some I've totally reworked some I think just need a little push in a certain direction to make them viable.

I am treating this as an actual proposal so I'll only post stuff when I think my ideas make sense. Anyway, here goes:

The World:

The earth the red circle characters inhabit has a similar timeline to how the characters were depicted in the comics on “our” earth. A team of hero’s appeared in the 1940’s and that’s where the first generation of Crusaders came together. Mostly what I would like to do is take characters that I feel are dated in terms of concept and place them on this team along with The Shield. This does not really mean that newer updated versions of these hero’s won’t appear later in the series but for now I’d like to place them here as sort of a “place holder”. Another wave of hero’s came along later (to avoid dating these characters I’d like to be a bit ambiguous as to when exactly they came along, I don’t want to say they showed up in the 1960’s or the 1980’s but just say they came along a bit later). This 2nd wave of characters experienced something a bit different that will help define this universe from some of the others out there. They were almost instant celebrities along the lines of Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant are on “our world”. The press was fanatical about everything the hero’s did. The youngest hero who was taken under the wing of the most well respected member of the team (the shield) is Blackjack, this will be important to remember later. Blackjack is treated like a heart throb and actually lets his true identity be known so he can use his image to further his financial situation by appearing in movies and such. The rest of the Crusaders accept their celebrity status but are a bit uncomfortable with it, they do allow their images to be used by the government to advertise things the government feels is good for people. For instance we might show an add with the Shield telling kids to get outside and exercise or something along those lines. The team in general does not like what Blackjack is doing but the Shield is fine with it and since he is the most respected member of the active roster the rest go along with it.

The team does have its detractors, notably a government agent only referred to as Agent Swift is a huge opponent to the team and how they are portrayed to the public. He is particularly vocal about how Blackjack is “exploiting the public” by using his role as a “super hero to further his financial situation”. The relationship with Swift and the Crusaders is very hostile (this will be important later).

Eventually we lead into something that I am going to refer to now as “the event”. The event happened about 10 years ago. All the villains got together and took over a nuclear facility in the United States and the Crusaders (minus Blackjack who was off continent filming a movie) attempted to stop the villains from doing anything evil. During the confrontation an epic flash of white light appeared and all of the hero’s and villains disappeared. Vanished. Nothing is known by the citizens of earth what happened to them (I do have plans to explain what exactly happened but I’m not sure how long into our story of the current crusaders we will go before I get into this). The public immediately turned on Blackjack for not being there but in reality he could have done nothing to prevent what happened. He is immediately black balled by almost everyone. He does try to get a new team of Crusaders together (a group of hero’s who were not crusaders and were not at the event) but these hero’s are mostly considered second stringers and are belittled by the world. They eventually disband and go into hiding, without any real villains around anymore there is really nothing for them to do.

Post Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:28 am
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I hope this one makes sense, I was kind of rushed when I did it and while I know I said I was gonna wait to post things until they were ready I just got fired up to get this out there:


The United States government gets an “itchy trigger finger” without the crusaders around. The Shield was one of the most highly respected hero’s on the face of the planet so now that he is gone they face a reality where their enemies don’t have to worry about the crusaders and they feel threatened. They begin to try to reinvent the formula that originally gave the shield his powers. They had obtained a DNA sample from him years prior and have been studying it and now they are ready. They begin with an initial group of 10 teen age boys. 3 or 4 of the group showed some initial response to the formula while others showed nothing. After numerous tests with different sets of children (where they got the same results, some showed some powers but most didn’t and none were at the power levels they expected). The study was expanded to 100 then to 1000 then when they were not getting the results they wanted they decided to have the formula injected into children in specific areas via immunization shots. What they did not realize at the time was that most of the subjects they administered the medication to were pre adolescence and once they hit puberty the reactions really begin to kick in. The formula has varied and totally unpredictable effects on the person it was given to. Some develop powers some don’t. Some of the test subjects minds are affected some are not. So basically what we have here is a planet full of ticking time bombs. Children that could wake up one day and be incredibly powerful, how would the kids handle this new power? Some of them might have their minds altered by the formula so they might be driven crazy and even if they are not can a teenage boy (or girl) really use their new powers responsibly? This is part of the catalyst that will bring the new group of crusaders together.

This also lends itself to a never ending supply of super powered individuals. It could be treated like the mutants in the marvel universe where some of them are outcasts due to their powers etc. We could also have a contest where fans create their own hero’s or villains and have them appear like they did at DC in the “Dial H for HERO” stories in the 70’s.

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