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Post Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:41 pm
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Calum wrote:
Ill still be buying whatever comes outbut really after that ho hum of a relaunch last year i will find it very difficult to enthuse about the "red circle" line ever again. Archie comics and their creative personnel, and in fact their marketing department, just don't seem to careabout these characters.

Four of us!!

Yeah, Calum-- it seems like "Archie comics and their creative personnel,...and their marketing department...just don't seem to care about these characters."

Time and time again...they bring them to the stands....make them barely engaging....and then let them "die".

I'm just dopey enough to not give up on them. Looks like I'm setting myself up for another "disappointment."
But, hey, what are fans for....but to be abused time and time again. Maybe that's Archie's way. Just to abuse us.

My favorite Archie comics?? When they hired Jack Kirby and Joe Simon to do those issues of The Double Life of Private Strong and the Adventures of THE FLY.

I was really hopeful after The Fly, The original Shield, the Black Hood, and The Comet first came together as THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS.
AND ...then, hopeful again when Buckler did THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS #1....

Now, they say they are going to try again. I think if I was working for them I could get an editor and a couple writers and a couple of good artists ....and make a go of it.

Why they can't is disturbing...but how about this:

I want to remind everyone of the WONDERFUL COVER ....JERRY ORDWAY did for NEW CRUSADERS LEGACY.

I WOULD love to see more of Mr. Ordway's work on The Mighty Crusaders!!!

Upping his page rate a little would not hurt...especially when we would get such an accomplished artist to draw heroes like: THE SHIELD, STEEL STERLING, THE COMET, THE FOX, THE WEB, MR. JUSTICE...THE BLACK HOOD...FLY-GIRL.

LOOK at them. They NEVER looked better. Remember his work on the ALL-STAR SQUADRON. !! YIKES.!!
It's still CLASSIC stuff because of what JERRY ORDWAY put into it.

Ya need a writer?? Hasn't ROY THOMAS said he would loved to write the MLJ.?? He and Mr. Ordway worked together on the All-Star book. EXPERIENCE!! EXCELLENCE!! ORDWAY AND THOMAS!!

OUR heroes need to be done by people who know what they're doing. These two have a pretty good hold on Comic book reality.

How about them??