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At Time Machine, Unwrapping Fly Man & Other Superheroes

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From last October. CLICK HERE to read the New York Times article.

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i finally found a copy of Adventures of The Fly 9 on ebay! for ninety nine pence!!!!

This literally completes my collection of Archie Adventure/Mighty/Radio/Red Circle/!mpact right back to 1959! The only thing i am now missing is a couple of pages that were missing from my copy of Lancelot Strong 2, and a few of the Pep/Laugh five pagers, but since i have scans of all of those, i am thinking now's the time to draw a line.

I can't believe it, i've been after this issue of The Fly for decades, and up to now only had the pages which were reprinted in Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest Magazine #2

(sorry i just had to rave about it a little bit)
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