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Post Fri May 10, 2013 7:04 am
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Calum wrote:
I was just issued with a permanent ban at forums (bumbleking) for linking to this thread here.

Can i request that if i am breaking any rules on this board, that you let me know and give me a chance to simply take down the OP rather than banning me (permanently!) as they did. The majority of the material in the file is public domain and is available on many websites including, while the two issues of The Comet are copyright, they only count as copyright infringement (if i understand it correctly) if someone downloads the file, who does not already own Comet 1-2 (which i do, and i expect all of you reading this do as well).

I might also mention when i initially joined the Red Circle Comics forums i was accused of being "uncooperative" because i chose not to send my password in an email to the administrator (which is a "requirement" for activation, though they activated my account WITHOUT needing my password, so that turned out to be lies. Why they want everybody's password is beyond me, mind you).

The "official" forum that Archie have chosen to franchise out to Bumbleking is clearly run by smallminded petty minded nincompoops with delusions of importance, and to be honest i think that forum will turn out to be yet another factor in Red Circle's inevitably decreased sales in future. I was quite surprised to see it's already even deader than actually!

I am already preparing my funeral wreaths in commemoration of this oh-so-promising version of Red Circle, and i certainly have been thoroughly disillusioned about the idea that Archie might be actually interested in the input of their fans.

No, that's been very offputting for me. In fact now they have actually "killed" the majority of my heroes from the MLJ/Mighty era, perhaps this is time to finally dump Archie's superheroes from my reading list. They've shown no positive behaviour towards their dedicated fans all these years, let alone how they have treated their creative and editorial staff over the years, no i am beginning to think of Archie as the Microsoft of comics, very disappointing, with their short sighted disdainful attitude.

Post Fri May 10, 2013 6:08 pm
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I think they OVER-REACTED to what you did. A permanent ban was extreme.
Hang on, pal,.....and stay on this site, at least.

You ARE a true fan to the MLJ/Red Circle heroes.

I think they are making a mistake in "executing the survivors" of The MLJ/Red Circle fans.

They could have shown just a little more leniency to those of us who have been staunch supporters of the MLJ/Archie Adventure/Red Circle heroes over the years and years and years of dry and arid time.

I don't realize all the rules.... I think they made a big mistake by reacting like they did to you.
A Warning would have been realistic.... A week banned.. more than enough.

I know you care about these heroes.... and they've been pretty hard on true fans for decades.

They need not act so harshly on remaining the true fans. (i.e. Like you.)

Don't let it "get to you." I know it doesn't feel good to get banned from a site whose heroes ya care about.

Really, they didn't need to get so "hard-core" on a true fan.

The "Leniency for MLJ/Red Circle fans Foundation"

Post Mon May 13, 2013 8:44 am
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i have decided not to publicise the email interchange between myself and Ian Flynn (he apparently is one of the responsible head honchos of the official forums), however i can tell you that at no point did he concede anything at all along the lines of what you just said, despite my efforts to explain my motivations, my belief that Pep Comics 1-17 are in the public domain (not copyrighted) (by the way, they are public domain, or they would not be being hosted on*), etc etc. The official position from Red Circle seems to be that my actions were "unjustifiable"**. I didn't expect to get a permanent ban, and accusations of piracy, having no common sense, and various other things which i won't repeat (since they are from email correspondence, not from that thread), what i expected was they would contact me if there was an issue and i would comply with whatever action they requested, but maybe i am more used to dealing with rational adults than the staff at Bumbleking are.

Anyway, the last thing i want to do is stir up some "us versus them" thing, and i think i'm tough enough that i don't need to ask for hugs, but thank you for your kind words.

And i'll certainly stick around on this board as long as i'm welcome. If i'm honest i did (and still do) think of The Comet Archives in the same bracket as these pieces of black and white art we sometimes see having been recoloured, or a new piece of art (published or not) being put up here that we haven't maybe seen before. It seems though that Archie will prefer to aggressively defend what it sees as its intellectual property (never mind that the real creator of The Comet, Jack Cole, was only paid for a total of 40 pages***, and incidentally has not been alive to register his interest in The Comet since he shot himself fifty five years ago).

So, i said i wasn't going to try and get you to take sides, and rereading this post it looks like that's actually what i AM trying to do (but i'm actually not:-)). I admit it has upset me, and it will certainly affect how i enjoy New Crusaders in the future, if Ian Flynn's keeping the project, but i really don't want to drag any of you into it so please, carry on!
* You will find pages on the web such as this one which confirm the original Comet is a public domain character, i note that another Jack Cole character, The Claw, was used by Roy Thomas in his excellent "Alter Ego" comic miniseries, along with many other golden age greats. In my view this enriches comics' entertainment value. I would guess (though no-one has confirmed this to me) that Comet 1-2 are the only contentious parts of the Archive. I can quite easily put together a fully legal version actually, with all questionable content missed out, but why should i bother? Archie's legal history is full of pointless cease-and-desist notices issued to fan projects at the last minute. I think i have "got off" lightly.
** this is one word which i am happy to quote from one of Ian Flynn's missives to me, and i promise it is wholly in context.
*** Jack Cole only produced The Comet for issues 1-8 of Pep Comics
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Post Mon May 20, 2013 11:41 pm
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Gem Mint

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Man, ....I wished I could say something that could make a difference.
I'm just frustrated with the whole thing.
I thought we were doing a great job of doing CPR on the site.

Post Wed May 22, 2013 10:19 am
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While I think the response seems to have been harsh, equally telling Archie that some of their characters are public domain probably does not go down well on their own boards.
Discovering new superhero worlds through the MLJ/Mighty Crusaders legacy...

Post Sat May 25, 2013 12:48 am
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Gem Mint

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leonmallett wrote:
While I think the response seems to have been harsh, equally telling Archie that some of their characters are public domain probably does not go down well on their own boards.

Yeah, probably a good point.