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Great Photos of Remco's Mighty Crusaders Toys

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The website is in French, but photos are excellent-plus!,r1767827.html

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Ah, wee, wee,... ze Mighty Crusaders action figures. I have a couple.

Zhis is why I haf encourage'd ze Red Circle guys to go to do you say...Mattel...and get ze Four Horsemen to sculpt new action figures of ALL of ze MIGHTY CRUSADERS...AND ...NEW CRUSADERS...

It would be vonderful!!

Seriously, I would love an Action figure line by Mattel with the 4Horsemen doing all of the Crusaders in 6" to match the DC Universe Classics.

The Shield
The Wizard
The Comet
The Brain Emperor
The Web
The Black Hood
The Skull
Steel Sterling
and All of the others. (Won't happen. But I sure would buy them all!! )

Thanks for sharing that, Captain.
I'm going to go digging for the ones I have. I know I have The Shield...and one other---for sure.

Found The Eraser. Looks like Ditko art on the back of the card. Couldn't find my Shield. (Darn it.) Yet!!