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"Red Circle"! checklist + digital app

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Post Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:30 pm
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Hi. So in the back of New Crusaders i noticed they mention a Red Circle app, which you can subscribe to and get access to all the "Red Circle" (meaning, selectively, MLJ/Radio Comics/Mighty Comics/Red Circle/Archie Adventure, i assume) comics back to the golden age.

Now. I own most of these issues, from 1959 onwards, and i've got all the golden age ones in digital form already (and thankfully a few in print), but i can't really understand this app business, and i don't like reading comics onscreen anyway. My Red Circle etc back issues are stored in two large cardboard boxes!

So i won't see the contents of this app. What i want to know is, have any of you subscribed to this app? If so, what does it contain? I presume it does not contain any !mpact or DC Red Circle issues?

Does it contain the Jaguar/Fly/Fly-Girl backup stories from Pep and Laugh in the mid sixties? Does it contain any non-published stuff (to "entice" people to subscribe)? Does it include odd stuff like that Jughead cover with the Shield on where the Shield doesn't actually appear in the issue (or i don't think he does anyway!)?

This brings me to one other thing. I don't think i have ever seen a completely complete checklist of everything a dedicated Red Circle* fan needs to get. Does anybody know if there is one, or will i have to compile it myself? If so, i will, and will put it up here. It might take me a little while though.

So yes, thanks in advance for any information you guys can provide.

* (It feels so weird calling it Red Circle, i always thought of this as "Archie Adventure" in the absence of a better one, after all they were published under different imprints over the years, though Red Circle and Archie Adventure were both used for other types of comics too, and obviously Red Circle also refers to DCs recent high-on-special-effects-low-on-content efforts. It's good to have a single catch-all name for this line though.)
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