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I hate to be the one to point this out,..... but Roy, The Superboy has his stripes running the wrong way.
And the stripes are too thin. (I know. I know. Complain! Complain! Complain!)

And where is THE WIZARD?? ,!-- s:?: -->:?:,!-- s:?: -->

Ya know, I really want to see The Wizard return. A face off with The Brain Emperor would be "mind-blowing"!!.... for one or both of them. That "face-off" could blow a lot of curcuits... and The Wizard is the one guy who could stop The Brain Emperor...(in my humble little opinion.) Besides the fact that I've always liked The Wizard, Blane Whitney.

And I liked the fact that he was pals with THE SHIELD. (Holy thug-talk, Bats.)
I liked that SHIELD-WIZARD team-up for some strange reason.
Maybe because they both loved America so much.
(I think they will be a little unhappy with the way things are now. Yeeesh!!)
Blane has a family history of fighting for America and The Shield is the first patriotic comicbook hero!! What a team.!!!

I wished they would become a team again. And maybe Bobby Bell could play the part of "Dusty".

And, no matter which way Roy's stripes are running, ...he may need another costume. ,!-- s[8^0) -->[8^0),!-- s[8^0) -->