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Again, Butler makes THE BLACK HOOD, Man of Mystery,-- look sooooo great!! Just like The Black Hood should look. Where was Steve in 1965??? We certainly could have used art like this.... back then!!!

THE BLACK HOOD is a real "classic" hero. I can't wait for his return. Part Man of Mystery...part detective... part just a great classic hero!!

He was second in popularity only to THE SHIELD!!
Great art didn't hurt him, ...he had a great nemesis (The Skull)... and he was in a lot of features. He made it to the pulps...and I always thought he was a great super-hero!!
I don't know HOW he could have landed in prison.
The NEW CRUSADERS is a fun book to read. Great stories ahead.!!

I just hope the Red Circle guys put Black Hood in his "Classic costume." Yellow and black with a big belt buckle.