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Closing in on the Eve of Excitement that is New Crusaders

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Free Comic Book Day is Saturday. On the eve of excitement,Friday, we have the Avengers movie coming out! Cannot wait to read the introduction of the New Crusaders!!! Is it Saturday yet?

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Arrgh! The New Crusaders preview was nothing more than the two page advertisement that we already seen the last month in Sonic and Mega man comics. Perhaps Archie missed a FCBD opportunity to not release at least an eight page preview (either the first chapter or more character designs/summaries with instructions on how to digitally download the app and the advantages of the online back issues available)? FCBD is supposed to tease the casual consumer to the cool comics coming out and that you must come back to the comic book store. I fear Archie missed an opportunity here. I am still excited about the New Crusaders. Just wish I had an opportunity to excite my son with a preview in the Megaman FCBD comic (he already read number one--great story even reading it again; he was more excited about the Viz Kids FCBD edition of Voltron Force and wants me to order it--that is what FCBD is all about, the excitement of upcoming comics).