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New Crusaders! Why not Global Crusaders too?

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Countdown until FCBD for the New Crusaders is on! I can not wait!

As with many comicbook fans, I often fanticize about writing/creating my version of a superhero team. I have been reading comics since I could read (now in my mid 40s) and actually spent a handful of years actually managing a comic book store before I went into teaching. I have seen many teams and types of superteams come and go. As I have stated in other posts, I became a Mighty Crusaders fan since the 1980s version. Between the recent DC Red Circle cancellation and the announcement of the New Crusaders in the next month, I thought what would make the Archie/MLJ Crusaders team work.

First, I thought that the All-New, All-Different Uncanny X-men by Claremont and Cockrum seem to strike a relevant cord with comic fans wanting diverse characters--an international version of the X-men. At this time, I thought the team should be called "Mighty Crusaders"--now with the announcement of the New Crusaders, maybe the team should be called "the U.N. Cruaders", "the U.N. Ultramen" (tip of hat to the minor team of Fox, Capt. Flag, and ??? that appeared in the 1960s Mighty Crusaders run), or maybe just the "Global Crusaders". MLJ characters from other countries who could interact with the New Cruaders eventually.

The Team (original idea before New Crusaders):
1) The Comet (energy projecting/flying iconic hero in the same contribution as the Human Torch of the FF, Iron Man of the Avengers, Firestorm of the JL, Wildfire of the Legion of S.H., Storm of the Xmen, Nova of the new Ultimate Spiderman cartoon, etc)--I was planning an elaborate connection to the 1901 metor crash in Russia and make the new Comet a former cosmonaut creating a spring board for cosmic-style adventures like Capt. Mar-Vell. Looks like a new Comet is in New Crusaders, see below for revised team membership.

2) The Fox (masked martial artist iconic hero in the same vein as Batman of the JL, Wolverine of the Xmen/Avengers, Black Panther of the Avengers, etc. Definitely appreciate the Ninja-style Fox that appeared in the DC- Red Circle's Mighty Crusaders mini-series. I would make him half Japanese/half American connecting him to the original Fox of MLJ. As a secret identity, a photo journalist specializing in Asian countries and the relevant issues effecting Asia (he would speak English, Japanese, Mandrin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamanese, Russian, etc.).

3) The Jaguar (rage iconic hero in the same vein as Wolverine, Namor, Hulk, TimberWolf, OMAC, etc.). I liked the male Brazilian hero portrayed in DC-Red Circle's Mighty Crusaders mini-series. Impact used a female and it looks like the New Crusaders is using a female version. I do not think the female version is going to resonnate well with the male-dominated comic-reading demographic. If a female rage hero would work, we would have a Tigra and She-Hulk comic series being published all the time. Since New Crusaders has the Jaguar, I have an alternative below.

4) The Web (tech support iconic hero Since the Oracle in DC comics, Nick Fury/SHIELD agents in Marvel comics, and Mr. Finch on TV's Person of Interest, the latest trend in heroes is to have a tech-support iconic hero to back up the main heroes. I would have tweeked the Web from DC's Red Circle to give tradition a nod by having him go from Tony Stark character to one that also is an unofficial detective (like TV's Castle)who writes mystery novels (MLJ's Web was a mystery writer and criminologist), maybe even claiming he is continuing his grandfather's mystery novel detectives. Moreover, the Web will be the tech-support person for the other Crusaders--vehicles, HQ, internet research/contact, etc. Keeping with the international theme, this Web is a Canadian citizen. As it looks like the New Crusaders is going to have a Web, see alternative idea below.

5) Flygirl (female iconic hero I liked the DC Red Circle version/background. Of course, I would prefer the Simon/Kirby version.... I would have as a secret id as a TV reporter like Vic Sage/Question. In fact, I would model her story potential as found in the Ditko/Snyder Fly stories from the 1980s--corruption and crime. As it looks like the New Crusaders has a Fly Girl....

New Lineup proposal:

1) Inferno instead of the Comet--looks like that the flame guy in New Crusaders is Fireball, the name change to Inferno. Inferno was comicdom's first reformed criminal thanks to Steel Sterling!!! I can see that his Gypsy-Russian background led him to the circus, pulled into the wrong crowd, helped by Steel Sterling, his powers grow over the century (maybe to that cosmic level?), and with tech-support of a flying apparatus, he can become the flying/energy-projecting iconic hero for the team. His "we-can-not-trust-him-for-his-background" character, makes him a modern character with an edge like Wolverine. DC-Red Circle was in that ballpark of characteration. The cyborg history makes him more like Wolverine too!

2) The Fox still good!

3) Tygor, Spirit of the Tiger for the Jaguar--India's number one hero! Name taken from the series of heroes that held that title and maybe power (MLJ had a Tarzan character called that name, the spirit goes from host to host?). India is the number three economy and the world's largest democracy. Great relevant story potential as well as mystical story potential. Still a male rage iconic hero for the team.

4) Doc Strong for the Web--still Canadian (original MLJ character was from an alternative future--possible storyline and the Impact version was a 1950s chemically created hero--maybe a connection). Still the internet and tech-support iconic hero for the team. Creates the flying apparatus for Inferno, creates vehicles for the Fox, transportation devices for equipment, etc.

5) Capt. Flag for Fly Girl--since Jaguar is not part of team and there is a growing Hispanic population (potential comic-buying demographic), Captain Flag is a member of the nation's Homeland Security Department based in San Antonio, Texas. This Mexican-American (American born) government agent will have many relevant stories based on protecting our country. Just like in the Incredibles movie, no cape for this modern version of Captain Flag (MLJ 1940s version had a cape and an eagle for a sidekick).

Other international characters utilized as necessary:

Kalthar the Giant Man--MLJ character was a Tarzan clone with powers. Impact Comics made him an interdimensional villian. Both may make appearances/connections. I envision this Kalthar to be from the Republic of Congo or Uganda who has a secret id as a United Nations ambassador that uses his people's secret magical chemical to grow big and become impervious. Maybe even more powers related and bonding one with nature. Relevant stories in the likes of the Phantom and Batwing (hunting down monsters like Kooney, famine, child soldiers, pouching, Somolian Pirates, etc).

El Vengadore Rojo/the Scarlet Avenger--MLJ's Scarlet Avenger has a family member carrying on the tradition in Mexico City. Cool gadgets and agents help this Scarlet Avenger to take on the drug cartels.

Kardak--grandson or magically preserved hero of MLJ active in Paris.

Zambini the Miracle Man--Italy's hero (see Kardak)

Mr. Justice--active in England again. I don't like Spectre-like powers. Mr. Justice could be toned down to say when he is in human state he is human except for his ability to cast ectoplasmic blasts (harmless on humans deadly on supernatural foes like werewolves/vampires/zombies/witches, when in ghost form he can possess another human (Deadman-like), fly, be inmaterial, be invisible, talk to the dead, and has precognitive dreams of supernatural evil to summon him to the scene.

I am still looking forward to the New Crusaders! I just thought I would throw out my idea while it rattled in my brain.

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I forgot to mention a new Fu Chang: International Detective to continue the family tradition of working with Interpol and using those magical Chinese "chess" figures. Obviously, representing China.

Heck, in a perfect world, Darkling will emerge from the endless magical limbo and return to her family in China to reestablish herself--helping any crusader team in the magical department.

As a fan of the 1980s Mighty Crusaders, I was disappointed in the "deaths" of Darkling and "Doc" Malcolm X Reeves (Archie's only diversity characters appearing in Mighty Crusaders). It was through this site that I learned that the decision to kill off the Rich Buckler-created characters was an office politics thing, disappointing. Maybe in my Global Crusaders idea one could see a support staff of the team (primarily working with Doc Strong) in the form of....wait for it....the clones of Doc Reaves!

Once again, my mind wanders:)

Any thoughts?

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Great ideas, shieldcrusader!
How about a hero to represent Australia/ South Pacific, such as an Aboriginal Australian, a Maori warrior, or a big Samoan or Tongan?

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Thanks for responding! You are correct, I missed the Australia/Oceanic region. How about this as a member of this Global Crusaders? A half-Aboregine Crusader who has the power to enter dreams (or maybe a full-telepath). His or her name could be Danny in Wonderland (after the fantasy character from Pep Comics, perhaps establish that he or she is a distant cousin/relative of the original). Or maybe that should be OZland?:) One of my favorite sci-fi comic characters from another company is Judge Anderson for her adventures run the gambit of using her telepathic powers to fight crime and explore the supernatural world of the Dreddverse. Obviously, an Archie/Mighty Crusaders would not get that violent/realistic but the potential for magic and dreams. One of my favorite villians from the 1980s Mighty Crusaders was the Dream Demon. Maybe this Danny will be the counter to that cool villian?

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I like it!