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Introducing Archie's "New Crusaders": The Shield

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minton- (couldn't log in)

Cool, thanks for posting! I like the respect they seem to have for the character's history. We will have to see how it turns out. When are they coming out with the online comics? By the way, it looks as though the artist forgot to draw some roller skates on the Shield, from the way he is posed, doesn't it ;))

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looking good... hey does any one else think this shield looks like the col. on the fox series "terra nova" maybe we could have a live action version!

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Love the design.

To minton - May was mentioned in the article, so I guess then is the launch (since it will piggy-back on a preview with FCBD won't it?)

I just hope that all this Apple iOS App malarkey means nothing as a barrier to those of us without an Apple device who want to buy into this. :/

Anyone care to enlighten me?
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minton- (couldn't log in) wrote:
Cool, thanks for posting! I like the respect they seem to have for the character's history. We will have to see how it turns out.

This I think is the success of the Shield: America's 1st Patriotic Hero--New Crusaders at least is going to respect the history of the Crusaders. It remains to be seen how much will they weave in the Impact Universe, definitely the MLJ time period, the Mighty Crusaders of the 1960s time period, and the 1980s Mighty Crusaders will be included (that is when I got excited about the Crusaders especially the Original Sheild in the back up feature in Mighty Crusaders). Can not wait for Free Comic Book Day this year!

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The problem I had with the Impact Comics line and the Red Circle Line from DC comics was they never respected what made the Shield so unique--he is America's 1st Patriotic Hero! Before Captain America, before any other star-spangled patriotic heroes, The Shield was the first (his stories were like a superpowered version of the Spy Smasher--go watch the serial it is great).

Impact made their "original" Shield be a product of the 1950s/Korean War--why? Was DC restricted from using the 1940s real Original Shield?

Red Circle made their "original" Shield just the father of their Shield (who was more of a Captain America clone based from the Afganistan/Iraq war period--not the g-man extradonaire).

The Shield works best if he is the spy-smashing G-man (look at all the heroic FBI stories that have been on TV the last decade or two--X-Files, Millenium, Without a Trace, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, etc) not the Captain America-supersoldier clone. Hopefully, the New Crusaders will reveal that the original Shield will be there to advise/train the next generation of Crusaders and yet his son or grandson will be active as well--working for the FBI!