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FCBD: Mega Man - New Crusaders preview

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Post Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:28 am
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From the Archie Comics solicitations from First Comics News (scroll down):

“Let the Games Begin!” – Don’t miss the first classic issue of the hit new MEGA MAN comic series! The future looks bright when brilliant and benevolent Dr. Light unveils his latest creations: the Robot Masters! But when the nefarious Dr. Wily steals them for his own sinister purposes, there is no one left to stop him. No one – except Mega Man! Plus bonus features and a preview of the all-new series: THE NEW CRUSADERS!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante, John Workman, Matt Herms
Cover: Chad Thomas, Fabio ReDivo and Evan Stanley
Shipping Date: 3/7
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 5/5
32-page, full color comic
Discovering new superhero worlds through the MLJ/Mighty Crusaders legacy...

Post Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:07 pm

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Thanks for the post! I just updated my comic book store to add the Megaman FCBD edition to my pull list. Originally, I ignored the issue because it seemed like a reprint of issue #1. Now with the New Crusaders back up, I am really excited about the FCBD edition.

Does anyone know Archie's plans beyond the digital comic? Will it become a regular back up of a title like Megaman or another title/digest? Will there be a printed quarterly? This is the sort of thing that will force me to buy a Nook or a Kindle!