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New Crusaders - speculation and wishlisting:

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i'm certainly looking forward to it. it sounds like they are going to really fully integrate some of the older stuff with their new stuff in a way that hasn't been done before at Archie (or !mpact/Red Circle).
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Sounds exciting to me, too. Looking forward to LEGACY.
Main "spine" of story should really be fun to read.
I think Legacy will give us what is "canon" for Red Circle... and we can go from there.

I'm interested in what happens to "you-know-who"....(he's got wings and wears googles...and I think, is going to be written out of our story. )

If the 1960's MC is written out of our story, might be a good thing. Those were not the best written stories of our heroes. And the conflict between the heroes wasn't very well written, either. A complete "re-write" would be GREAT!!

Somewhere we are going to have to get a new origin to THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS... and only the "cast" seems to be in doubt.

I guess ...we'll see!!