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Post Sat May 28, 2011 3:00 am
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We have seen these characters come and go now in sevral published incarnations, as well as at least a couple of unpublished versions. I think each new iteration of characters has had some gems; for me that includes my retrospective opinion of the addition of Darkling in the 80's; the !mpact Black Hood (my favourite interpretation of all Black Hoods); the DC-Red Circle the Fox - I love the Japanese elements.

So my question is this:

If you were to create your version of the MLJ/Mighty Crusaders heroes, selecting from any previously published versions, and allowing mix and match for a brand-new line of hypothetical comics, which versions would you choose?
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Post Sat May 28, 2011 3:21 am
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My list:

Shield - controversially perhaps, but the DC-Red Circle iteration; it just makes more sense in a modern context to me.
Comet - classic origin, but with a costume influenced by the !mpact iteration.
Black Jack - classic version, with an updated costume.
The Black Hood - the !mpact iteration; I love the mythos and back-story of the hood and its powers.
The Jaguar - the !mpact iteration; adds to the gender mix and the powers and visual were cool.
The Web - the classic version, but somehow with the technology of the DC-Red Circle version.
The Fox - the DC-Red Circle iteration.
The Fly - classic version with Tommy Troy as a kid, but drop the gun.
Fly-Girl - amalgamation time; Kim Brand is a resourceful woman (al DC-Red Circle) who falls in love with the Fly after being rescued, and inspired gains access to Web costume technology to become Fly-Girl.
Mr Justice - classic version, but with the DC costume.
Hangman - the DC-Red circle version; there are too many 'unpowered' heroes in the old line-up to work in the modern era, and I liked the new mythos, but maybe tie it into Mr Justice in some way.
Steel Sterling - classic version.
Inferno - classic version with an updated costume.
Fireball - the !mpact version; I have always loved the character in personality and visual.
Discovering new superhero worlds through the MLJ/Mighty Crusaders legacy...

Post Sun May 29, 2011 12:38 pm
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Gem Mint
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I've played this game lots of times, but am glad to do so again!

1.Shield-- Classic version with Impact's costume, with the nanotech from the current version. I'd also like to find out that all the interpretations of the Shield we've seen are all just one character! (tricky, but it could be done!)
2.Comet -- Original version, with Impact's power level and the latest version's costume or the costume I created for him.
3.Fly Girl -- the original blonde Kim Brand but without any of the ties to the old Fly series, for legal reasons. Original costume but with slightly different explanation for her abilities which would include flight, strength, wall clinging ability, a "buzz gun" (who knows what that does? :>) ), the ability to shrink and other interesting abilities.
4.Black Hood -- I'm partial to Gray Morrow's hood, but i love the back story of Impact's. Both would exist in my universe, with the current Hood always searching for the mystic hood, as it used to be in his family's possession.
5.Fox -- current one all the way!
6.Steel Sterling -- classic character with a slight costume change and white hair-- gotta show his age somehow!
7.Jaguar - Impact version all the way!
8.The Web -- although I love the current version, I think the Impact WEB ideas had tons of potential, although the series was poorly executed. Maybe a combination of the two? I also have a great empathy for the henpecked 1960s version.
9.Hangman -- current version. I like his mystic powers.
10.War Eagle -- I think the new one has potential, just have to make her different than Hawkgirl.

The group still needs more women. I'd like Jaguar to find the original Jaguar's belt and have access to animal abilities. A woman with strong psionic powers or mystical abilities would be good. I miss Darkling too! I wonder if the DC / RC version of the Persian would make a nice replacement for her? That' why i thought of creating an Asian female character as a new Blackjack and an African female mystic would be good additions to the team. I also like the idea of a new Wizard with equal parts Oracle, Tony Stark and Steven Hawking.

Interpretations I don't like: current versions of Black Hood, Jaguar, & Inferno from DC/ RC... all should be droppped immediately. Bleehh...(although Jag might be ok, I find him very dull...)

I've always been fond of the romance between Ms. Samson and Steel. I also liked The Fly and Fly Girl's relationship but that's been scuttled. The Crusaders always seem to be working for or funded by the gov't or some clandestine organization. Maybe it's time for them to be independant. I also think the heroes need a major dose of evil threats -- their foes aren't typically too scary. Would be interesting to see the Crusaders face foes similar to Juggernaut, Galactus, Dr. Doom, Darkseid, Fu Manchu, Godzilla, giant robots, other giant monsters (King Kong and Rodan come to mind), the Martians from 'The War of the Worlds', etc. Heck, even them fighting the Transformers could be fun! I could see them trying to take down Optimus Prime! I want to see a story where the Crusaders go to the Comet's planet to take on the Mechaniods. I've also wanted to see a story where the Crusaders go to Turin's dimension. I'd also like to see a group of organized villains become the Malevolent Legion of Juggernauts to take down our heroes.

(Ironically, I'm working on a fan fic right now that includes a number of these ideas! :) Up to 14 pages so far. I might post it when it's done, if it ever gets done...)

I also think it would be fun if a time tossed / space tossed group of Crusaders met/fought the JLA, the Avengers, the Justice Machine, the Southern Knights the THUNDER Agents or the X-Men! (I had this idea once of the Crusaders accidently getting plugged in the Avengers/Defenders war in place of the Defenders: Vision and Scarlet Witch versus the Comet, Iron Man versus the Fly and Fly Girl, Black Panther and Mantis versus Mr. Justice, Swordsman vs. Black Hood, Captain America vs. the Shield, and Thor vs. Steel Sterling! Good times! :) I also had an iimage in my head about a Invaders / JSA / Crusaders crossover fighting the Nazis during World War II...)

Obviously i have way too much time on my hands!

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