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Red Circle/DC Checklist

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Post Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:34 am
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Gem Mint
Gem Mint

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Hi there,

Is there a DC/Red Circle checklist? I managed to buy the first few issues of The Shield and The Web but especially now the DC franchise is finished, i would like to get them all and make sure i haven't missed any, however i haven't yet found a full (or partial!) checklist. I'm sure some of you do own all the DC/Red Circle issues, so i wonder if you wouldn't mind just listing the DC/Red Circle issues please?

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Post Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:03 pm
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Gem Mint

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Here's what I have:

One shots:

Red Circle Hangman
Red Circle Inferno
Red Circle Shield
Red Circle Web

Shield 1-10 (#1 has 2 covers)
Magog #8 and #9 (has a 2-part Shield crossover)
Web 1-10 (#1 has 2 covers)
Mighty Crusaders Special #1
Mighty Crusaders 1-6 (#1 has 2 covers)

Green Arrow #20
Wonder Woman #32
Superman #688
JSA #36

I'm missing the variant covers, the Magog crossover and the JSA book. Anyone know of any other missing items?

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