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Idiots ruining a (comic) business

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Post Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:14 pm

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Because of a longer illness, I couldnt participate in this forum in the last months.
But now I recovered and - of course - health is much more important as comic books.

I dont want to post in two dozend threads at the moment, I want to summarize my thoughts on the comic biz. I am very frustrated and quite a lot of comic book fans and dealers are too.

Quite a lot of idiotic decisions in the last months.

1.) Archie raised the cover price to 2,99 $. Why is it necessary to print a kid comic on glossy paper ? After the price was raised from 2,25 $ to 2,99 $, the Archie comic books are nearly dead in Germany. Only the digest sale modestly.

Another problem: There are almost no comic books for kids anymore. Now several schools in Germany start with English in the second class. ( Children are 7 oder 8 when learning english ).
There are almost no new comic books on the market for this age.

2.) As mentioned before, the 3,99 $ price tag for quite a lot of DC Comics. NOW they have
lowered the price, but its too late for some series. Of course, I would even buy a "Mighty
Crusader" if it had a $ 5,00 price tag. But here in Germany, most even heard of these characters. They dont give it a try, if a 32 page book is selling for $ 3,99.

3.) I dont like the revamping in of the MLJ Heroes in general.
Some look like ever, some were modestly changed, but the stories, the stories....

The new Hangman was ok. But excluding the grimmer MLJ Heroes and Villains,
they were much more fun as DC and Marvel, they were self-ironic and fun to read.

"Red Circle" was the only label, that captured the spirit of MLJ - in my opinion.
If they werent fun, as "Steel Sterling", they had exceptional good stories with social
topics. I still can read and reread the Steel Sterling comic, "License to kill", where a
drunken driver is killing people. Or the 2issue Comet minseries. Or Mr. Justice.

I wasnt even able to read "The Web", fuzzy and incoherent. I collect it, but I never
will read it again. "The Shield" had some interesting story threads, but in general it was
very dull. etc.etc.

I can read the "Red Circle" and the Golden Age ( on my microfiche reader ), but I dont
enjoy this DC revamping at all. Its a little bit better as the Impact line, but thats really
not very difficult.

4.) Sometimes I think they only revamp, because otherwise they lose the copyright.
The DC war comics revamping is another mess. Only Sgt. Rock was good as ever,
because it was the only title that wasnt "rejuvenated".

5.) To summarize it: I fear, most of the recent CEOs, sales manager and even writers
dont know what to do with it.

There are some exceptions: " The Phantom ", modernized, but in the tradition of
the Lee Falk comics. The AC Comics reprints ( yes, they are very expensive, but you
know what you get ).

At the moment, I spend my money on almost all AC Comic reprints, Phantom reprints
and the ongoing series.