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Post Tue Jan 19, 2010 4:59 pm
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Hi everyone,

Levionne Klay ask if we had a post to introduce yourself so here goes.

I am your host, my name is Rik. This website was started by Bradly Cobb and called "Mighty MLJ". I had a Shield only website called "The "Shield". Brad gave me his website and I combined it with my Shield website. Then Scott Martin who had the "Mighty Crusaders Handbook" and the "Mighty Crusaders Message Board". Ask me to moderate his Message Board. Late Scott shut down his site and sent me all his files. I merged it with my site and Brads site and renamed the entire thing the Mighty Crusaders Network because
1) It was a network of 3 sites linked together and
2) Archie Comics owns so I had to use .net and I figured adding the word network would help people remember it wasn't .com
Eventually Scott gave me the Message board too.

I have been a Mighty Crusaders fan since Mighty Cursaders #1 volume 2, when I found it at my local comic shop in the 80's and liked the cover enough to pick it up and give it a try. It has become an addition over time. The Lancelot Strong version of the Shield was initially, but over time the original Shield appealed to me more and more.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Mighty Crusaders, from the Golden Age to today.

Post Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:25 pm

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Greetings I am Levionne Klay ( my real name is James) I also go by Saint Powers and Captain Halo.
I have searched the internet for Christian Superheroes and found very few and none in the mainstream comics
So, I am writing my own I may see about posting a story

I have been a Fan of DC comics and Archie's I am glad to see the return of the Mighty Crusaders to comics
I am Levionne Klay AKA Saint Powers and also Captain Halo
I am a Christian Superhero called to stand against the darkness

Post Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:58 am
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Hi all,

My name is Gregg. I've been a comic collector for longer than I can remember, with over 20,000 comics in the garage and another 20+ boxes of books, graphic novels, and misc....

Although I bought the Might Crusaders books in the 1980s -- my first exposure to them -- I quickly wrote them off as Marvel knockoffs. Later in life, I realized that Stan Lee incorporated LOTS of the Crusaders' ideas when he started creating Marvel Comics. That gave the old MLJ heroes lots of legitimacy in my eyes.

I'm an editor at The Grand Comics Database (,!-- m -->, class="postlink" ,="">,!-- m -->) and dabble in digitial coloring (www. I'm married, have 4 kids, work full time in a medical library and go to school part time.

I started collecting Archie titles about 4 years ago after a 40 year absence and haven't looked back. That reintroduced me to the Crusaders. Since then, I've acquired full runs of the current books by DC, the 1990s Impact books, the 1980s run, the 1960s reintroduction (missing only 2 Jaguar books and a handful of the early Fly's books). I feel the Crusaders have HUGE untapped potential.

Long winded cuss, ain't I? :>)

"We are all but Strangers in Paradise...."

Post Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:22 am
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My turn I guess. ;)

I am Leon, a comic book fan from the UK of over 30 years. The UK comic book market is very different in many ways to that seen in the US from what I understand, meaning the exposure of fans around my age to certain publishers was restricted. Hence my first Archie/MLJ heroes exposure was in fact through the !mpact line. The early 90's was a mixed bag of of the great and the less-than-great, yet from that time many new comic book universes emerged, the !mpact line among them, a line which i have a fondness for regularly re-reading today.

Cut to the last few yeasr when I have started to become a collector of 'Dead Universes' thgrough appreciation of ideas that seemed all too short-lived, and so I happened onto first the 80's Red Circle/Archie Adventure books, loving everything from that line except the last couple or three issues of Mighty Crusaders. In turn that put me onto pickiing up the Archie ultra-hero tpb's as well as some of the 60's books, and of course the AWM stuff.

Cut to today when I am buying and enjoying the DCU Red Circle adventures. The two titles are among my monthly must reads and show how good comic books can be when not weighed down by line-wide story arcs, the down side is that in my view these books are criminally under-exposed.

I love posting on the board, learning about the diferent eras and iterations of these characters from fellow board members and especially through Rik's excellent efforts and the work by those he cited in his post. I love the fact that despite there being so many versions of these characters there is a mutual fondness amongst us for what they could be and what they offer us through the adventures that have been printed.

As long as the Network is here, I'll keep posting. Thanks Rik.
Discovering new superhero worlds through the MLJ/Mighty Crusaders legacy...

Post Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:28 am
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I'm also a UK reader, but started reading US comics in the early 90's.

I'd read British comics such as Wildcat and Eagle, but apart from Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends a comic I didn't know anything about US heroes until a title called "Heroes" hit UK news-stands. It was anthology reprinting Batman, Blue Devil and Metal Men in a UK Kid comic format. After that I noticed US Format comics on the News-stand shelves from and ended up picking up the odd X Title.

It was during a holiday in Denmark with a German exchange partner that I really got into comics. Being in a foreign country with foreigner had me needing something English, and I found X-Force, New Warriors and a load more on the shelves of a Danish shop. When I got back to the UK I sought out a speciality shop and got on the ground floor with Ultraverse and Image Universe books.

Since then I've amassed a few thousand comics, and this Red Circle reboot is my introduction to these characters.

Post Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:36 am
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Hi me is rhom
of the "organic comix" team

my story of the day: not even old
for me the discovery of a strange in the basement of my cousin.
in 1978 to been a revelation at the time a genuine "ct" the single DB or we could see "the spider".
This mad passion is is then emparée me, of course at that time
I looked at that the pictures, and my MOM does in bought me when mm
often is not.
The genuine departure from this race to the collection was released from the n ° 04 spidey
(as I always have)...
Apart from that I am:-a husband (very nice at least I try).
-a papa surely too cooooooooooool.
-mr super draw that fout of the ortographe is a Correctors for it.
-an artist missed, which prefers the cash over the creation.
-representative of BE incomprit (or rather inflexible)
-a surely too good (DAO) cartoonist (in my opinion it must be Sha)
-all day I made the sièste reflects on the job

and I'll tell you about / present strange (organic comix) ,!-- m -->, class="postlink" ,="">,!-- m -->

HA Yes of the times I draw heroes also sup... ,!-- m -->, class="postlink" ,=""> ... d8&start=0,!-- m -->
LA BOUTIQUE DE STRANGE : ,!-- m -->, class="postlink" ,="">,/a>,!-- m -->

Organic Comix : ,!-- m -->, class="postlink" ,=""> ... 3570680080,!-- m -->

RHOM : ,!-- m -->, class="postlink" ,="">,!-- m -->

Post Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:04 am
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Hey I am Mike

started reading comic books at a young age...I remeber one of the first books i started reading on a regular basis back in 1987 at the age of 10 with Justice League #1...While reading JL (wich im still loyal too today) I started picking up back issues of Volume 2 of The Mighty Crusaders witch was done by Archie Comics and loved it...I was able to find all 13 issues at either flea markets or yard sales...I read The Impact line faithfully and i must say that the current Red Circle series(s) is the best run i have read thus far...I really wanna see theese books succeed.

The Sheild is a great series...Just a fun thrill a minute book.

The Web is great as well..A fun book with a slightly dark edge to it...Brillant!!!

Makes me kinda mad cause eventhough people love the series(s) they are predicting they will fail..Well as fans we must do all we can to show DC we dont want to see theese books end.

Thats all i got for now Thank you for reading:)

Post Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:39 am
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I'm Captain Zero .... Master of Midnight.
I'm a pulp hero.... or a hero, I've been beaten to a pulp...I can't remember which. But don't worry. I'm only as old as you guys.

I've been reading comics since the late 1950's.
I began by reading Dick Tracy in my local newspaper in a small town in Southern Minnesota.
I liked Tracy so much that I started to cut out his daily strip and paste (with that white creamy paste) his adventures to notebook paper and then put the pages in a note binder.
One day my Grandmother slipped me 25 cents and sent me to a local store. I found Dick Tracy in color..and that seem to start it all.
Not too much later, I found an Issue of The Private Life of Private Strong.... #1. (The Shield by Simon and Kirby...and later... I got my hands on THE FLY #1. )
[I was also picking up WORLD'S FINEST by Dick Sprang, early Flash and Green Lantern... and Brave and the Bold HAWKMAN by Joe Kubert... The early Justice League.... and then one day....
stumbled upon Fantastic Four #4 by Lee and Kirby.... and was hooked.]

Later, I bought the issue of THE FLY #32?--- guest-starring THE SHIELD, BLACK HOOD, and THE COMET... as they were trying to decide whether they should team-up as THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS...or not. Of course, I was pulling for them to team-up. FLY-GIRL joined them... and pretty soon they did form the group.

I was hoping the art would get a little better...and the characters would develop more... and the stories would get better... but I was strangely attracted to the Group. The writing was really crappy and the art was terrible... but I still liked The Mighty Crusaders. I liked The Shield, Black Hood, The Fly, The Comet, and Fly Girl.
Yes, together they formed THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS!! I loved it!! Then, there was that issue where a lot of the old Golden Age MLJ heroes guest-starred and wanted to apply for membership.
It was GREAT! to see all of those heroes together ...and it stoked the ever-growing desire to see all of those Golden Age Heroes return to the comicbook pages.

At this juncture, RED CIRCLE COMICS has brought back THE CRUSADERS!! A new group of teenage heroes that are going to attempt to fill the shoes of the LEGENDARY MLJ heroes. They are off to a good start. They have a good writer in Ian Flynn and pretty good art from Ben Bates and Mike Norton. I wish The New Crusaders every success. I'll be buying the issues.

Closer to my heart is news that Chuck Dixon is going to pick up the pieces of the 1980's Red Circle heroes and give us some continuity to the present day. I look forward to that endeavor.

And still, I hope that if -- some day--- those books are successful--- we just might get some GOLDEN AGE Adventures of those MLJ Golden Age Heroes: THE SHIELD, THE WIZARD, STEEL STERLING, THE HANGMAN, MR. JUSTICE, BLACK HOOD, BLACKJACK, THE WEB, FIREBALL, Roy and Dusty, ...and some of the others.
To see those heroes teamed up and fighting the forces of evil in a 50-page Annual would pretty well cap my year.!!
Best to you, -- fans of the ...well, I'll say it..."All the way with MLJ".

Post Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:23 pm
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I'm Chip. I began reading comics in the 1960's as a boy. At the time, I only bought DC's and the superhero books such as Superman, Batman, Flash, Justice League (my favorite at the time), etc. I immediately liked the character of Green Arrow back then though at the time of the early JLA books he was just there mainly taking up space. I never bought any Marvel comics. My friends and I only bought the 12 cent DC books. Marvel was like some sort of Brand X. Like many, my comics from over 40 years ago didn't survive. As for any of the Archie bokks, forget it. I remember the character on the comics from back then, though not any of the Archie comics superhero books.

Flash forward to today. Over the last 20 years I've traveled in and out of comics collecting. In the late 1980's when I first got back in the hobby, it was mainly buying Marvel books this time and in particular I liked Daredevil. I had almost a full run of these issues that I acquired dating back to the first issue. Then I unloaded them along with most of my collection around 1993. Now I'm back collecting again however wasn't sure where to start and what to acquire this time around. I remembered the Comics Buyers Guide newspaper from many years ago and stopped at one of my local comics shops to see if the publication was still around? I discovered that it was only now as a magazine. In buying some back issues, it was here that I discovered The Mighty Crusaders in one of the magazine's feature stories talking about how DC had obtained the rights to use the characters. I liked what I read, and in particular there was something about the various characters that I found very appealing! So this is where I'm picking back up, getting the 1960's books with perhaps some of the 1980's books and possibly the newer DC versions of these characters. I'm even intriqued by the Golden Age MLJ comics characters ... we'll see where it goes. Anyway, I'm glad to have found this group and hoping to join in as often as I can!


Post Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:16 pm

Hi Everyone,

My name is Brian, and I have been a collecting comic books for almost 40 years. I first discovered the Mighty Crusaders back in the late 70's with the Archie Superhero Special digests, and I've been a big fan ever since.
My favorite characters are the Black Hood, Hangman, and the Shield.

Hopefully now that the deal with DC Comics is finished, Archie will do something with the Crusaders, whether reprints or, preferably something new. These characters are too great to sit idle for long.

Here's looking forward to conversing with everyone.


Post Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:44 am
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Gem Mint

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Hi, I'm Calum, i may be the only MLJ/Mighty/Red Circle/Archie fan in Scotland! :-)
I've been a fan since i bought !mpact Black Hood 2 from a newsstand, and my next purchase was four second hand issues of Mighty Comics, and then artist Cam Kennedy was kind enough to give me copies of virtually the whole !mpact run that he'd got free from DC.

Since then i have collected everything, almost. I have a complete run of Adventures of The Fly/Flyman/Mighty comics except 1-3 (and that's okay because i have the TPB, and i have a complete run of Adventures of the Jaguar and every 1980s Red circle/Archie Adventure issue too. It's even more fun that none of these were even distributed in the UK except the !mpact ones, most i have bought from US sellers. I've even got a few old 1940s issues now, of Pep and Black Hood, and because i now have a complete set of scans of the '40s stuff on a DVD ROM, this means the only stuff i'm really missing is a few issues of Pep and Laugh from the sixties, for the Fly-Girl and Jaguar backup strips. Oh, and i haven't got all the recent DC stuff either, i'm waiting for it to come down in price. :-)

Anyway, i'm not just a comics fan, i'm also a musician, just search for Calum Carlyle if you're interested in that side of me.
PS: Hey! Check out my music at and fill your ears with happiness!

Post Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:51 am

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Hello, I am ShieldCrusader,

I am excited to be a part of the New Crusaders revolution! My first exposure to these characters was in the Red Circle/Archie Adventure Comics line from the 1980s. A comic dealer was basically giving away issues of Mighty Crusaders #1 by Mr. Buckler--it was awsome! The art was solid and the story was a good introduction to a new world of comicdom. It was really great to see those one to three panel origins of the members as a back up to the main story. I really became a fan of the line when the Original Shield started his back up stories in the pages of Mighty Crusaders, later to his own title. Here the true America's first patriotic hero rang well with this comic book fan! Later, I could appreciate the stories as being a super-powered version of Fawcett/DC's SpySmasher (loved the movie serial). That was the feel of those Original Shield back up stories. I also liked the short-lived Comet series (the editorial indicated that there was editorial conflict in telling a story, later thanks to these message boards, I was able to see that there was more editorial politics like the death of the Crusaders' only minority characters--Doc Reeves and Darkling). Steve Ditko's Fly run was particularly good as was the Jaguar back up stories. The Lancelot Strong-Shield/Steel Sterling comics were also enjoyable (loved the Steel Sterling origin in Blue Ribbon Comics).

Then after the cancellation, I was excited about the IMPACT line rented by DC comics. Although, I was disappointed that the Original Shield was not placed in the proper 1940s but in the 1950s in the Impact universe. His status as America's first patriotic hero was ignored and lessened my appreciation of that line. The same can be said of DC's Red Circle line--no Original Shield. There was room in both versions, but the editors of those lines did not think that the fact that the Original Shield was America's first Patriotic hero was important.

This brings me to the excitement I feel for the New Crusaders proposal and the revolutionary On-line comic approach. The Original Shield is back! Comic book history is preserved and it looks like he will be ushering in a new generation of legacy heroes! I am stoked.

As a comic reader since age 7, now in mid 40s with a teenage son, I have enjoyed comics. First Superman, then World's Finest, then Batman, then Fantastic Four, then Shazam, I enjoy the history of comics! Currently, I am enjoying the revitalization of John Carter, Tarzan, Conan, Doc Savage, the Spider, Iron Man, All-star Western, Blackhawks, Judge Dredd, Case Closed, Batman Inc, and others in the comic field. My son and I enjoy Megaman, Sonic, Sonic Universe, Batman and Robin, Case Closed, and Batman Beyond. He enjoys young heroes that he can relate to. I can see that he will enjoy the New Crusaders as much as I will.

I usually post positive comments about the comic book industry and always hope for a return to that golden age appeal from the comics I buy. It might be an opportunity to add to the existing fan fiction on your web. Thank you for allowing me to join your forum!