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Betty & Veronica Apparel for Sale

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Post Wed Dec 22, 2004 12:23 am
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Posted by Rik on June 2, 2004, 3:24 am
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Kitson Boutique To Debut Betty & Veronica Apparel In
Three-Month Exclusive Deal
Beverly Hills, CA - Archie and his friends from Riverdale High are joining such icons as Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and Barbie on clothing aimed at the contemporary set.
Betty and Veronica, the blond and brunette lovelies from the Archie comic book series are making their apparel debut at the Kitson boutique here in a three-month exclusive deal. The Betty and Veronica 30-item collection of apparel, accessories, jewelry and home accents results from three way partnership that pairs the celeb retail haunt with Miramax films and Archie Comics Entertainment LLC. In an unusual move, Miramax has signed on to work with Archie Comics Entertainment to merchandise the characters before it's planned release of the live action film called Betty & Veronica slated to open in 2006 or 2007.
"We think these characters can stand on their own merit-you look at them and it's a no-brainer," said Lori Sale, executive vice president of worldwide promotions for Miramax, noting Kitson was an "obvious choice." "Kitson owner Fraser Ross always has a first. What I have seen as a consumer at his store, I see three years later at other stores"
Indeed, Ross has helped hype such brands as Von Dutch Originals and Paul Frank Industries. His quirky inventory, which draws Hollywood's A- listers from Halle Berry to Mischa Barton, and his collaborative efforts are also a draw for new vendors and designers.
The Betty & Veronica in store shop will be highlighted by signage and a black and fuscha color scheme. Targeting shoppers ages 21 to 55, the eclectic offering will include T-Shirts and tanks in cotton jersey, cap sleeves, and ringer styles with screen prints and jeweled embellishments, athletic sweat sets and cashmere sweaters. For the T-shirt weary, there's other bibelot such as handbags, coin purses, compacts, lip-glosses, caps, votives, milkshake glasses and coffee mugs.
Retail prices will range from $12 for a compact to $40 to $85 for T-shirts to $125 for handbags and $450 for a cashmere sweater. Ross expects the line to generate monthly sales in excess of $100,000. For Archie Comics, formed a year ago as the merchandising arm of Archie Comic Publications Inc., the time was right for the 63-year old property-which ships 800,000 comics a month-to capitalize on it's appeal. It has commitments from 25 licensees, including East Brunswick, N.J. based Van Mar, which is handling sleepwear, and Wish Licensing in the Northridge community of Los Angeles, which is overseeing junior tops.
"This is not about nostalgia, but it's a current and contemporary comic revolving around teenagers in high school with challenges and fun-a theme that doesn't loose its appeal," said Archie Comics president Allan Grafman.
Diverging from its traditional flashy marketing campaigns, Miramax will aim for a more subtle promotion strategy with a kickoff party at Kitson in May, when product hits the store. Kitson will also sell the line on it's website and the store will even get plug in the May comic book issue of Archie, when Betty and Veronica visit the outlet and get into an argument about who has better fashion sense.
Plans by Miramax and Archie Comics call for expanding the clothing line to other Archie characters-so fans of Archie, Jughead, Reggie, and Ethel needn't Fret-and rolling the line out to about a dozen other stores, like Scoop and Henri Bendel in New York within the year, Sale said.
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Post Wed Dec 22, 2004 12:24 am
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Posted by Rik on June 2, 2004, 3:27 am, in reply to "Betty & Veronica Apparel for Sale"
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Betty & Veronica get some retail therapy

Tuesday May 4 2004

Upmarket apparel and accessory lines for ArchieÂ’s girlfriends

Archie Comics Entertainment has launched a licensing programme for its classic Betty & Veronica characters which has seen licensees snap up the key apparel and accessories categories almost immediately.

The launch comes ahead of a live action film featuring the high school girls who have been fighting for eternal comic book teenager ArchieÂ’s affections for more than 60 years. The theme of the initial Betty & Veronica licensing program is 'Are You a Betty or Are You a Veronica?' Betty represents the popular girl next door, while Veronica stands for a more glamorous, sophisticated type.

The Betty & Veronica apparel line capitalises on several of today's key trends, blending a Retro 80's look with the comic book characters and trendy, fashion-forward styling. Betty & Veronica product will debut exclusively at popular trendsetting retailer to the stars, Kitson, on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles this August, before moving on to upmarket boutiques across the USA

The initial roster of Betty & Veronica apparel licensees includes Van Mar for women's sleepwear, loungewear and daywear; Briefly Stated for men's sleepwear, loungewear and daywear, Freeze for juniors' sportswear, Bejeweled for women's and juniors' embellished fashion tops, Isaac Morris for boys' and girls' sportswear and active wear, Wish Licensing for Juniors' fashion tops, Joe Blow Tees for women's and men's t-shirts, and The House for juniors' fashion tops.

Accessory licensees include Lazy Susan for glassware, Accessory Network Group for bags, leather goods, stationery, Fantasia Accessories for hair accessories, headwear, belts and costume jewellery, The Italia Collection for charms and charm bracelets, Added Extras for cosmetics and bath and body products, Graphique de France for calendars and note cards and Capo for older sunglasses.

Michael Silberkleit, chairman of Archie Comic said: "Licensees are recognizing that Betty & Veronica represent the perfect response to the market's demand for trendy, fashion forward fun product. The rapid acceptance of this significant franchise by blue chip licensees within the apparel and accessories categories bodes well for the roll out of other categories of product."

Steve Herman, vice president of licensing for Archie Comics Entertainment, said: "For over 60 years, Betty & Veronica have represented the ultimate in fashion. We are pleased to help bring their fashion sensibilities to life.

"Each of the licensees shares a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the upcoming Betty & Veronica event and the upcoming seasonal roll out of product through all channels of distribution. Retailers who have had a sneak peek at the line have reacted with similar or even greater enthusiasm.

"They expect that sales of this trendy fashion forward line will continue to build as channels of distribution broaden, new categories of product are introduced, and the movie nears."

Ross Misher, president of Brand Central, licensing agent for the property, said: "We pursued the best-in-class manufacturers in each product category and invited them to join the program. The response was overwhelming due to the on-trend, fashion forward artwork, the high awareness and retro appeal of the characters and, of course, the support Archie Comics and Miramax Films are putting behind this property.

"We will shortly announce new partners in other key product categories ranging from domestics and toys to food and social expressions."

The Archie characters first appeared in an Archie comic book published in 1941. Miramax Films and Archie Comics Entertainment have teamed up to co-produce a major live action theatrical motion picture based on Betty & Veronica.
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